Wallacy - A Gamified and Hybrid Crypto Wallet

  • Combine DEX and CEX for the ultimate crypto experience.
  • Transform your wallet into a gaming arena and win big.
  • Trade with ease using advanced Wallacy tools.
  • Stay updated with daily airdrops and market insights.
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Gamify your
Crypto Journey

Turning your gaming skill into your extra income

Participate in exciting and competitive Wallacy tournaments, compete with other players, and win big prizepool.

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Learn new things in an interesting way

Join us on an exciting journey featuring challenges such as Quiz Tournament, Airdrop Hunter Live, Lucky Spin, and Daily Tasks

Enjoy Together.
Earn Together

Boost your earnings whenever your invited friends swap, derivative trade, or join in a tournament in Wallacy.

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Powerful trading
on the Go

All within your wallet

Store, Buy, Send, Swap Token and Derivative Trading directly on your Defi Wallet

Powerful Trading Tools

Maximized profit with TP-SL and Notes

Trade on the Go

Experience native trading on your phone

Completely Non-Custodial

Puts your data & assets in your own hands

Browser for Dapp

Easily access and explore decentralized apps from within your wallet

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