Wallacy Wallet Partners with Injective
We are pleased to announce that the main network #inEVM by Injective has been integrated into Wallacy Wallet! Discover the unique EVM execution environment that ensures true compatibility between Injective and Ethereum. 💠 About Injective: Injective is a blockchain designed specifically for finance. It is an interoperable and environmentally-friendly layer 1 blockchain that supports advanced DeFi applications, including crypto trading dApps, like spot and derivative exchanges, and lending protocols. Built with the Cosmos SDK, Injective puts a strong emphasis on interoperability, enabling seamless communication with other IBC chains and through Wormhole, extending its interoperability to chains beyond the Cosmos ecosystem, including Ethereum, Solana, Klaytn, and more.
Friday, Apr 05, 2024
We’re thrilled to officially cooperate with ZetaChain - Layer 1 Blockchain towards connecting and integrating technology, opening up new opportunities for users. As the official partner of Zetachain ecosystem, Wallacy has integrated ZetaChain in the wallet, helping users to access and interact with ZetaChain right within Wallacy Wallet. Wallacy Wallet is now a partner in Zetachain ecosystem ❇️ Introducing ZetaChain: ZetaChain is an L1 blockchain and smart contract platform with built-in connectivity to all blockchains.
USDD x Wallacy Wallet Collaboration Event
We’re delighted to announce our special event in collaboration with USDD! As part of our partnership celebration, we’re hosting a giveaway with a prize pool of 300 $USDD up for grabs. 🎁 Prize Pool: 300 $USDD for 60 slots 📍 Claim prize in: Rewards Hub Guide to claim the rewards STEP 1: Install Wallacy Wallet mobile App: https://wallacy.io/download/ STEP 2: Go to the “Reward” section STEP 3: Swap any token to at least 5 $USDD via Wallacy Wallet (on BNB Chain)
Tuesday, Apr 02, 2024
Wallacy Wallet announces the media partnership with ETHVietnam
Wallacy Wallet is thrilled to announce our media partnership with ETHVietnam. This collaboration marks an exciting moment as we join hands to foster innovation and collaboration within the Ethereum community. 🗓 Save the Date of ETH Vietnam 2024: Hackathon: 15- 17 March, 2024 Main Event: 16 - 17 March, 2024 📍 Venue: Imperial Citadel of Thang Long - Hanoi Capital LINK: https://linktr.ee/eth.vietnam ETH Vietnam 2024 will be a pivotal moment for the Ethereum community in Southeast Asia, creating a dynamic experience for all participants, offering attendees the opportunity to #buidl #learn #share.
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024
ETHVietnam x Wallacy: Warm-up the ETHVN24 event with 500 USDT Tournament
Wallacy Wallet is excited to announce the collaboration with ETHVietnam to bring you an electrifying tournament in preparation for the highly anticipated ETHVN24 event! What is ETHVN24? ETHVN24 stands as one of Vietnam’s most eagerly awaited blockchain events, drawing attention from enthusiasts and professionals alike. With an impressive lineup of speakers, including Vitalik Buterin, the Co-founder of Ethereum, ETHVN24 promises to offer unparalleled networking opportunities and insights into the world of blockchain technology.
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024
We’re happy to announce the news of our exciting partnership between Wallacy and USDD! This collaboration is a significant step forward for both projects as we work together to innovate and explore new opportunities in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. About USDD: USDD (Decentralized USD) is the first over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin with a guaranteed minimum collateral ratio of 120%. It has been launched collaboratively by the TRON DAO Reserve and top-tier mainstream blockchain institutions.
Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024
WALLACY x ASTEROID: Experience Crazy Math, Get Amazing Rewards!
Congratulations to Wallacy and Asteroid on the newly-agreed partnership. To celebrate this milestone, we organized a special tournament that promises entertainment and fantastic rewards to Asteroid community. Let’s challenge yourself with the game - Crazy Math, achieve high scores, and seize the chance to reap incredible prizes! Tournament Duration: 3 days (Dec 21 - Dec 24, 2023 | 18:00 UTC+7) Entry fee: FREE Rewards: ✔️ Prize Pool: 1000 Gem ($100)
Wednesday, Dec 20, 2023
Wallacy Wallet introduces the Futures Trading feature
Wallacy, a trusted cryptocurrency wallet provider, is excited to announce the addition of Futures Trading to its platform, enabling users to conveniently engage in cryptocurrency futures trading directly from their Wallacy wallet. With leverage of up to 100x, Wallacy’s Futures Trading covers over 140 trading pairs across multiple Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Wallacy’s Futures Trading has been made possible through a collaborative effort between Wallacy and OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 technology company.
WALLACY x CCA CHANNELS: Experience Speedy Solitaire, Get Amazing Rewards!
Wallacy Wallet, in collaboration with CCA Channels, is back with another exciting tournament crafted exclusively for the CCA community. Let’s challenge yourself with the simple yet captivating card game - Speedy Solitaire, achieve high scores and seize the chance to reap incredible rewards! Tournament Duration: 3 days (Sep 19 - Sep 22, 2023 | 20:00 UTC+7) Entry fee: FREE Rewards: ✔️ Prize Pool: up to 400 GEM (~$40) ✔️ Event bonus reward: $30
WALLACY x MYSTIC TREASURE: Experience Wallacy Football, Get Amazing Rewards!
Congratulations to Wallacy Wallet and Mystic Treasure for the newly-agreed partnership ! Today, we will organize a special tournament that promises entertainment and fantastic rewards, tailored specifically for the Mystic Treasure community. Let’s challenge yourself with the simple yet interesting game - Wallacy Footbal. Try your best to achieve high scores and seize the chance to reap fantastic rewards! Tournament Duration: 3 days (Aug 23 - Aug 26, 2023 | 16:00 UTC+7)

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