[5x Boost] Join Free Activities, Maximize your WLP
Thursday, Apr 11, 2024
WLP (Wallacy Loyalty Point)

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Looking for the chance to own Bitcoin in this uptrend season? Here’s the tip: mine WLP on Wallacy and ride the wave of opportunity ! But how to increase your WLP earnings? Don’t worry, we’re hosting this event to help boost your WLP through free activities!

1/ Check-in:

+4 WLP every 3 hours by checking in Wallacy Wallet mobile app.

Duration: 00:00 UTC April 11 - 00:00 UTC April 13

2/ Game Challenges

Duration: 00:00 UTC April 11 - 00:00 UTC April 13

  • April 11: Play Wallacy Climber & earn 20 WLP
  • April 12: Play Smash Bash & earn 20 WLP

3/ Mint BTC Coupon NFT on Galxe:

The BTC Coupon NFT is your golden ticket to an extra 100 WLP - seize the opportunity now!

➡️ Mint NFT to be eligible for claiming rewards here:


📍 Claim prize in: Rewards Hub

⏰ Claim starts at: 8 AM UTC April 18th

📦 Limited Rewards: 1000 slots (FCFS)

Guide to claim the rewards

Step 1: Install Wallacy Wallet mobile App: https://wallacy.io/download/

Step 2: Go to the “Reward” section

Step 3: Mint NFT:  BTC Coupon NFT

Step 4: Click “Join Now” button

Step 5: Be On Time!

Kindly wait until Claim Time (8 AM UTC April 18th) and claim 100 WLP as soon as possible because the number of rewards are limited!


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