A Detailed Instruction: Pre-Event of the Euro 2024 Challange
Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
EURO 2024 Challenge


Welcome EURO 2024 - the biggest football tournament of the year, Wallacy and CoinEx unite to host the EURO 2024 Prediction Challenge, featuring a $20,000 prize pool and endless excitement!

To kick-start the festivities, participate in the Wallacy Rewards Hub event for a pre-registration and grab some WLP for the main event!

Total Prize Pool: 1000 USD & 1,000,000 WLP

Duration: June 11 - June 16

Time to claim rewards: 9:00 AM UTC, June 16 (FCFS)

Here’s your Step-by-Step Guide to join the event:

1/ Download the Wallacy Wallet application via: https://wallacy.io/download/ .

2/ Create/Import a Wallacy Wallet address: How to create a Wallacy Wallet? | Wallacy .

3/ Create a CoinEx account via Wallacy Wallet & Join the Campaign

3.1 For users not have CoinEx Account

  • Go to the [More] section on Wallacy Wallet -> Click on CoinEx [EURO 2024] -> Register -> Create your CoinEx account -> [Verify to join the event] -> Confirm your Wallacy wallet address you want to link -> Successfully registered.
    • NOTE: Link your CoinEx account to Wallacy wallet that has the most WLP balance

Slide4 (3).PNG


3.2 For users already have CoinEx Account

  • Go to the [More] section on Wallacy Wallet -> Click on CoinEx [EURO 2024] -> [Verify your CoinEx account] -> Login to your CoinEx account -> Back to the Wallacy Wallet app to join the campaign.

Slide4 (3).PNG


4/ Join the Wallacy Rewards Hub event:

After successfully joining the [EURO 2024 Prediction Challenge] campaign, you can go to the [Reward] section to get a share of the prize pool [1,000 USDT + 1,000,000 WLP] by completing these tasks:

  • Play Wallacy Football game tournament - EURO2024 CHALLENGE & Reach a high score of 20.
  • Join the [EURO 2024 Prediction Challenge] campaign.


About CoinEx:

CoinEx, founded in 2017, a global cryptocurrency trading platform with a “user first” brand ethos, offers an array of products and services including Spot, Futures, Margin Trading, Crypto Loans, and Strategic Trading. With a user-driven market orientation, diverse product features, and a commitment to continuous improvement in product services, CoinEx has become an exchange that supports 1,000+ cryptocurrencies, offers 1,500+ trading pairs, and serves over 6 million users in 200+ countries and regions worldwide.

About Wallacy Wallet:

Wallacy is a pioneering multi-chain wallet, offering powerful trading tools, a simplified cross-chain solution, and user-friendly DeFi services to empower your digital asset journey.

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