Introducing New Feature: WLP Leaderboard

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The WLP (Wallacy Loyalty Points) system has been released for a while and drawing lots of attention from our dedicated users. Now, with the introduction of WLP Leaderboard, we’re taking it to the next level.

How Does It Work?

The Leaderboard will be calculated on a Weekly, Monthly, and All-time basis, giving you the chance to see how you compare to others in  Wallacy community.

Every week, we’ll host a thrilling WLP race, rewarding the top 20 users with the highest WLP earnings for that week. The leaderboard snapshot will be taken from 0:00:00 UTC every Monday to 0:00:00 UTC the following Monday.

Reward Mechanism

The reward mechanism will change weekly, offering exciting prizes to our top 20 performers. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement, where we’ll reveal the details of Week 1 Leaderboard rewards!

How to Check Your WLP Ranking?

  1. Open Wallacy Wallet app
  2. Go to the WLP section on the home page => click [MORE WLP]
  3. Select [Rankings]

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