Mega SWAP Universe: Swap Tokens, Enjoy 2000 USDT with Wallacy
Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024
WLP (Wallacy Loyalty Point)

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Step into a world of possibility with Wallacy ‘Mega Swap Universe’ and seize your chance to claim a share of a reward pool worth 2000 $USDT! Running from April 24 to May 8, 2024, this exciting airdrop turns a swap in your Wallacy Wallet into the chance to take home a slice of the rewards.

What is WLP?

WLP (Wallacy Loyalty Points) is a reward system designed to appreciate Wallacy Wallet loyal users through completing various tasks. By owning more WLP, users will enjoy more benefits and rewards in the Wallacy ecosystem in the future. 

Swap tokens via Wallacy, Accumulate WLP and receive USDT rewards!

Not only can you accumulate valuable WLP and make your usual swap transactions but you will also stand a chance to win 2,000 USDT prize pool on Wallacy Rewards Hub.

  • Event Duration: Apr 24 - May 8, 2024
  • Claim Time in Wallacy Rewards Hub: 8 AM UTC May 8th


  • A total pool of 1,500 USDT for 30 users who reach the requirement of 9 Swap transactions and 2,000 WLP.
  • A total pool of 500 USDT for 100 users who reach the requirement of 3 Swaps transactions and 300 WLP.

The amount of WLPs and Swap transactions will count only in the event period (from 10:30 AM UTC, April 24th to 8 AM UTC, May 8th)

Guide to get rewards on Wallacy

Step 1: Download Wallacy App
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Step 2: Collect WLP & Make Swap transactions

Gather the required amount of WLP and Swaps before the event’s snapshot time. You can check your eligibility in the Wallacy Rewards Hub. 

*Don’t forget to click on the “Join now” button before the claim time.

Step 3: Be On Time:

Make sure to be present promptly at the claim time (May 8, 8:00 AM UTC) to claim your rewards. Rewards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s crucial to be punctual.

How to Swap tokens on Wallacy:


How to earn WLP

• Check-in: Claim 2 WLP every 3 hours by checking-in Wallacy Wallet 

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• Refer Friends: 

- Your referral reaches 50 WLP - you receive 5 WLP
- Your referral reaches 250 WLP - you receive 20 WLP
- Your referral reaches 500 WLP - you receive 25 WLP
- Your referral reaches 1000 WLP - you receive 50 WLP
- Your referral reaches 2000 WLP - you receive 100 WLP

INVITE (3).png

• Watch Ads: Earn 10 WLP every 2 hours by watching Ads in Wallacy.


• Play Games: Earn 5 WLP daily by playing required games. Tasks reset every day.


• Swap/Bridge tokens: Accumulate WLP equivalent to 15% of the total trading volume.

For example: if you swap 100 USDT to BNB, you will receive 15 WLP.

BRIDGE 15%.png

Making a swap not only serves your usual transaction needs but also doubles as an entry into our amazing rewards. It’s time to get involved!


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