Monday, Jul 31, 2023

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🎉 We’re thrilled to announce that a partnership between Wallacy x Crypto Investment Group has been recently kicked off!

The handshake open a chance for us to explore a broader and more diverse domain, seeking an opportunity for expansion and growth-hacking! Besides, it is expected to help Wallacy approach and convert Crypto Investment Group’s community with thousands of users.

💬 Crypto Investment Group (CIG) is a vibrant, dynamic community of crypto investors and traders. We share valuable insights, market trend updates, and latest making money opportunities in the crypto space with our members. Since its inception in 2019, CIG has actively collaborated with over 50 blockchain/web3 projects, both domestically and internationally. Currently, it proudly serves as an official partner in Vietnam for several renowned global exchanges, including OKX, Bybit,, Huobi, Bitget, MEXC, etc.

🌐 Let’s make this July a memorable month with our new partnership. Show the heat of Wallacy and stay tuned for more exciting news! 

➡️ Learn more about Crypto Investment Group at:  

About Wallacy Wallet:

Wallacy is a hybrid and gamified crypto wallet that not only offers secure management of crypto assets but also delivers easy and enjoyable experiences to help users explore the potential of the crypto world.


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