The Rush Day Event: Enjoy 2x WLP Boost
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024
WLP (Wallacy Loyalty Point)

Double WLP with 2x Boost.png

Are you ready to rev up your WLP earnings and seize amazing rewards? We’re thrilled to announce the $3000 Rush Day Event, where you can enjoy double WLP gains during the final day!

During the last day of the event, you can earn double WLP for the following tasks:

  • Check-in: Claim +4 WLP every 3 hours

2 HOURS.png

  • Playing Games: Earn +10 WLP per day


  • Swap/Bridge: Receive +20% WLP per VOL


Event Duration: March 12 - March 13 | 8 AM UTC

Don’t Miss Out! This is your final chance to accelerate your WLP earnings and claim fantastic rewards. Join us now and make the most of this exciting opportunity!

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