Wallacy Wallet Announces a Partnership with PolyNFT
Wednesday, Aug 16, 2023

Wallacy Partnership x PolyNFT.png

Wallacy Wallet is honored to join forces with PolyNFT -  a platform that combines many fields on Polygon chain.

This cooperation brings together two innovative platforms that share a common vision and promises to open up exciting opportunities for both sides! Furthermore, it is expected to help Wallacy approach and convert PolyNFT’s community with thousands of users.

PolyNFT is recognized as an integrated platform operating on the Polygon chain, including AI Photo Generator, Minting, Marketplace and Affiliate Marketing. It is built for individual creators, project owners, and also for marketers. 

PolyNFT serves the 4 main purposes: (1) Facilitating all NFT demands including: Producing AI Artworks, NFTizing and Monetizing the artworks; (2) Bringing NFT Collections to more audiences; (3) Better benefiting Affiliate Marketers; (4) Making it easy to generate NFTs from all project’s artworks without coding knowledge requirements.

Meanwhile, not just a crypto wallet, Wallacy with the integration of thrilling casual games promises to bring an interesting entertainment playground for users in general and PolyNFT community in particular.

Let’s make this August a memorable month with our new partnership. Show the heat of Wallacy and stay tuned for more exciting news! 

About PolyNFT

PolyNFT is known as a combined platform of AI Photo Generator, Minting, Marketplace and Affiliate Marketing on Polygon chain.

Learn more about PolyNFT: http://linktr.ee/polynft.co  

About Wallacy Wallet:

Wallacy is a hybrid and gamified crypto wallet that not only offers secure management of crypto assets but also delivers easy and enjoyable experiences to help users explore the potential of the crypto world.

Join us:

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