Wallacy Wallet introduces the Futures Trading feature
Friday, Dec 08, 2023
Product Partnership

partnership okx 7.pngWallacy, a trusted cryptocurrency wallet provider, is excited to announce the addition of Futures Trading to its platform, enabling users to conveniently engage in cryptocurrency futures trading directly from their Wallacy wallet. With leverage of up to 100x, Wallacy’s Futures Trading covers over 140 trading pairs across multiple Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

Wallacy’s Futures Trading has been made possible through a collaborative effort between Wallacy and OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 technology company. Users can access real-time price information, interactive charts, and execute trades seamlessly on the Wallacy platform. 

In the near future, the Wallacy team is committed to delivering a safe and highly liquid Futures Trading product, offering robust trading speeds, and a multitude of exciting events to provide maximum value to the community. 

Join Wallacy today and experience the future of cryptocurrency trading, right at your fingertips!

About Wallacy: Wallacy is a pioneering multi-chain wallet, offering powerful trading tools, a simplified cross-chain solution, and user-friendly DeFi services to empower your digital asset journey.

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