Wallacy Wallet Partners with Injective
Friday, Apr 05, 2024

inEVM 4.png

We are pleased to announce that the main network #inEVM by Injective has been integrated into Wallacy Wallet! Discover the unique EVM execution environment that ensures true compatibility between Injective and Ethereum.

💠 About Injective:

Injective is a blockchain designed specifically for finance. It is an interoperable and environmentally-friendly layer 1 blockchain that supports advanced DeFi applications, including crypto trading dApps, like spot and derivative exchanges, and lending protocols. 

Built with the Cosmos SDK, Injective puts a strong emphasis on interoperability, enabling seamless communication with other IBC chains and through Wormhole, extending its interoperability to chains beyond the Cosmos ecosystem, including Ethereum, Solana, Klaytn, and more.

Injective #inEVM is the first ever rollup designed to supercharge concurrent VM development, enabling Ethereum developers to build #dApps that leverage blazing fast speeds & near zero fees while achieving composability across WASM and EVM

➡️ Join Injective community here: https://link3.to/injective

About Wallacy Wallet:

Wallacy is a pioneering multi-chain wallet, offering powerful trading tools, a simplified cross-chain solution, and user-friendly DeFi services to empower your digital asset journey.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and activities between Wallacy and Injective!


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