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Monday, Apr 29, 2024
WLP (Wallacy Loyalty Point)

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In this article, we will be providing the information on weekly WLP Leaderboard including prize pool, how to join and earn WLP. 

What is WLP?

WLP (Wallacy Loyalty Points) is a reward system designed to appreciate Wallacy Wallet loyal users through completing various tasks. By owning more WLP, users will enjoy more benefits and rewards in the Wallacy ecosystem in the future.


1 week (leadeboard resets at 00:00 UTC every Monday)

Weekly Rewards:

Top 20 users with the highest WLP earnings of the week will get rewarded

  • TOP 1: $50
  • TOP 2: $30
  • TOP 3: $20
  • TOP 4 - TOP 20: $5 each

*Note 1: Your rankings will be counted based on the Weekly Leaderboard, which resets at 00:00 UTC every Monday

*Note 2: Rewards will be distributed directly to winners’ wallet within 24 hours after the end of leaderboard.

How to find WLP Leaderboard?

  1. Download Wallacy Wallet mobile app on Android or iOS.

Untitled (800 x 90 px) (2).png

Untitled (800 x 90 px) (3).png    2. Create a new wallet or import your existing wallet

   3. Go to the WLP section on the home page => click [MORE WLP]

   4. Select [Rankings] => [This Week]

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How to earn WLP?

• Check-in: Claim 2 WLP every 3 hours by checking-in Wallacy Wallet 

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• Refer Friends: 

- Your referral reaches 50 WLP - you receive 5 WLP
- Your referral reaches 250 WLP - you receive 20 WLP
- Your referral reaches 500 WLP - you receive 25 WLP
- Your referral reaches 1000 WLP - you receive 50 WLP
- Your referral reaches 2000 WLP - you receive 100 WLP

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• Watch Ads: Earn 10 WLP every hour by watching Ads in Wallacy.


• Play Games: Earn 5 WLP daily by playing required games. Tasks reset every day.


• Swap/Bridge tokens: Accumulate WLP equivalent to 15% of the total trading volume.

For example: if you swap 100 USDT to BNB, you will receive 15 WLP.

+ First Swap of the day: +10 WLP

+ First Bridge of the day: +10 WLP

BRIDGE 15%.png

About Wallacy Wallet:

Wallacy is a pioneering multi-chain wallet, offering powerful trading tools, a simplified cross-chain solution, and user-friendly DeFi services to empower your digital asset journey.

Website | Telegram | Twitter |  Facebook |   Blog  |  Youtube | Discord

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