Bridge in zkSync

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A bridge to ZKSync is a technology that allows users to transfer their assets from the Ethereum blockchain to the ZKSync layer 2 scaling solution.

The bridge to ZKSync is necessary because ZKSync is a separate blockchain that is connected to the Ethereum network, but it is not the same as the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, users need a way to move their assets between the two networks.

There are several projects that are currently working on building bridges to ZKSync:

  1. Connext
  2. Polygon (formerly Matic)
  3. zkBridge
  4. Hermez Network
  5. Loopring

By using a bridge to ZKSync, users can take advantage of the benefits of the ZKSync network, such as faster transaction times and lower fees, while still retaining the security and functionality of the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, these bridges can help to facilitate the adoption of ZKSync and other Layer 2 scaling solutions by making it easier for users to access and use these networks.

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