What is Dopex?

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Dopex is a decentralized options protocol that seeks to passively maximize liquidity for option buyers, minimize losses for option writers, and maximize gains for option buyers.

As an improvement of the current options market, Dopex offers a suite of decentralized finance (DeFi) products, such as collateral borrowing and staking in option pools. It also utilizes a highly efficient pricing strategy to allow options traders to take advantage of immediate options arbitrage opportunities.

Deribit, among the most prominent centralized crypto options exchanges, targets institutional investors and more seasoned traders. As such, there’s a gap in the ever-growing options retail niche that Dopex aims to fill by providing a retail-focused, user-friendly platform with products designed to suit even beginners in crypto options trading.

To achieve this, Dopex’s UX is clean and intuitive, with no needless complexities and lengthy onboarding processes.

Dopex is native to the Arbitrum blockchain, an L2 Ethereum scaling solution famous for its advanced security and fast transactions at dramatically low gas fees. However, Dopex also has smart contract addresses that allow interaction with other blockchains, such as Ethereum and Polygon.

Powered by a dual token system consisting of DPX and rDPX, Dopex’s ecosystem allows its users to interact with the platform in a structured and synergistic way for a wholesome options trading experience.

How Does Dopex Work?

Dopex’s architecture is designed to provide value for all the players in the ecosystem. As a decentralized protocol, Dopex has the advantage of composability, which allows it to package and interface multiple products to ensure capital efficiency — a more challenging feature for CEXs to enact.

Let’s look at how the platform’s core products are built to ensure that the target demographic (that is, the retail investors) can make the most out of DeFi options trading.


Dopex has created a platform that makes it simple and lucrative to venture into crypto options trading, even for retail investors, with its intuitive and user-friendly UX design. Its products, such as SSOVs and Atlantic Options, offer investors lucrative options trading opportunities by providing maximum liquidity and reducing losses.

With improved capital efficiency through its options liquidity pools and a host of other DeFi products, Dopex is bringing the vision of decentralization to life.

As the crypto options market grows, Dopex is one project to watch due to its innovative and retail-specific approach to the sector.

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