Examples of Email phishing

Examples of Email phishing.jpg

Here are some typical ways scammers use to perform this kind of phishing attack:

  1. Verify Account: The scammer typically urges users to verify their account information, such as email account, password, and 2FA backup key, through a link that redirects to a fake website.
  2. Urgent Security Update: The sender claims that there has been a security breach or update and prompts users to download a fake PDF file, which was actually malware/virus/Trojan software.
  3. Listing Offer: This type of email offers a listing opportunity on an exchange and asks users to deposit crypto into their blockchain addresses to proceed.
  4. Fake Giveaway: The phishing email instructed users to click a malicious link in order to receive a nonexistent coin like BTC/ETH, then the information provided by users is stolen by attackers.

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