Why Ethereum-based Dapps Are Reliable?

Why Ethereum based Dapps Are Reliable.png

Ethereum-based dApps are considered reliable due to several following reasons:

  1. Decentralization: Ethereum-based dApps are decentralized, which means that they operate on a peer-to-peer network rather than relying on a central authority. This makes them resistant to censorship and single points of failure, which increases their reliability.
  2. Smart contracts: Ethereum-based dApps use smart contracts, which are self-executing programs that run on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts are transparent and enforceable, which means that they can facilitate trust and reduce the need for intermediaries.
  3. Immutability: Once a smart contract is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, it cannot be modified or deleted. This means that the code and rules of the dApp are immutable, which ensures consistency and predictability.
  4. Open-source: Ethereum-based dApps are open-source, which means that their code is publicly available for anyone to inspect, audit, and contribute to. This helps to increase transparency and reduce the risk of bugs and vulnerabilities.

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